Client Joy a Blessing to Volunteers

Ms. C came out after the ramp was completed and seeing the ramp for the first time, she broke out into a big smile. She was happy and overjoyed with the ramp. She told us she had worked in construction before, but our work was way better than what she had seen. She expressed her joy at finally having a ramp which would allow her to go in and out of her home again. Her joy was a blessing to behold for the volunteers.

Foundation Partners

We are pleased to partner with you to build a more equitable community where all San Antonio area residents have an opportunity to thrive and contribute to our communities. -- San Antonio Area Foundation

Helping Families

Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication. I know this will help out Ms. S and her family in so many ways. I have shared this with my boss as well.
Thank you again — Shannon

Grants Make A Difference

Thank you so much for this report, glad to see our grant doing good work in our communities.Thank you! — Gina W

What A Joy!

The Canyon Lake Volunteer Team built a ramp for Ms C. After the build was complete the family exited the house and viewed the ramp for the first time. Both the daughter and grandkids shared their surprise in how well and professionally the ramp was built, saying it was way much better than they expected. Their joy was obvious and the first thing they did was push Ms. C. down the ramp to experience the ease of exiting the house. They continued to express their thanks time and again. It was a blessing for all volunteers to share.

Thanks from one of our partners

Thank you so much for your 2019 report. Thanks also to all your team leaders and members for the wonderfully important service you are providing to our neighbors in need of ramp access to their residences.

Transformations Missions Ministries is blessed to be supportive of this important work. Thank you all. Grace and Peace.

Ron L. Swain
Director of Transformative Missions Ministries
First United Methodist Church
Georgetown, TX 78626

A Dozen Thanks

Volunteers from Friedens United Church of Christ in Geronimo built a ramp for Roberto J. Mr. J got home from dialysis about the time they were completing the ramp. Mr. J and his wife were so very appreciative of the volunteer’s efforts on their behalf. Both Mr. and Mrs. J said thank you at least a dozen times to the volunteers!

Foundation Support

Thank you so much for the report and (ALWAYS!!) the collateral. We shared some previous photos with our Board recently, and they were very moved to see all the results (and very entertained by the chicken under the old “ramp!”). FYI, we will most likely be focusing on issues related to the elderly population in our Fall 2020 grant cycle, and I will let you know sometime this summer, if so.

In the meantime, I hope you and your colleagues in Richardson continue to raise awareness and dollars to fund this special program! — Nela

Case Worker Thank You

Thank you to Texas Ramp Project for all the wonderful work they do in providing to our community members. What a blessing to be able ease the worries of those who have difficulties with mobility. These ramps absolutely provide an improved quality of life for each recipient. Christine

Hospice Worker is Grateful

Oh my goodness, I am blown away! I really appreciate you sending this update. The new ramp looks amazing! What a blessing, indeed. Please relay my sincerest thanks to everyone at the Texas Ramp Project who organized this build, to the Baptist Health Foundation for their generous contributions to the project, and of course to the volunteers from Friedens United Church of Christ for their hours of selfless service in the Texas heat! I am grateful and know that Mr. Barnes and his brother certainly are too!

Thanks again,
Kara Staedtler, LMSW
Embrace Hospice, LLC

A Grateful Client Calls Volunteers

Volunteers from the Rebecca Creek Baptist Church in Spring Branch, TX and from San Marcos Warehouse Team #2 built a ramp for Mr H. He was at a doctor’s appointment when the ramp was completed but when he got home he called the volunteers, who were still driving back to Spring Branch, and told them he just loved the ramp and appreciated their time and effort in building it.

A Positive Impact

Thank you so much!!! Ms. Z will be thrilled. She has had a pretty difficult and lengthy hospital stay, so this will have such a positive impact on her life.

Enjoying the Sunshine

Volunteers from the Garden Ridge Lions Club built a ramp for Laurie G. Ms. G came out of the house to sit in the sunshine while we finished up the details on the ramp. She is so happy to now have a safe way to exit and enter the home and expressed her thanks over and over again.

Words of Appreciation

I am so lucky to be able to work with you! Our community is blessed to have this organization help those in need of a ramp. I appreciate y’all beyond words!

Freedom in Florence, TX

Texas Ramp recently built a ramp for Mr. R of Florence, TX ramp – great the society purchased him a “walker”. He does not have transportation as his truck transmission is out & he was using his riding lawnmower as his transportation around little Florence.

We are thankful to the Texas Ramp volunteers and all its sponsors for the wonderful contribution of “ramps” to seniors in need.

Again, from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Santa Rosa de Lima church...God’s blessings.

Rita Molina-Rymer
Home Visit Coordinator
Santa Rosa, St. Vincent de Paul

Helping Hands

Volunteers from Seguin United Methodist Church built a ramp for Rhonda S. When the team leader called to tell her they were coming out to build the ramp, she was very excited. She stated that she had actually fallen earlier in the week trying to get down her steps to go see her doctor.

While the team was preparing the building site, the team members heard a voice crying for help from inside the house. Ms. S had fallen inside her home and was unable to get up. So, a few of the guys went in to assist her. While we were building Ms. S. fell again and the crew again went inside to assist her.

The new ramp ends inside her carport. While she doesn’t have a car nor does she drive, she was especially excited that she would be able to get in and out of her friends’ car in a dry area as well as getting to the new ramp in a dry area. Ms. Schmidt is very happy to now have a safe way to exit and enter the home.

A Thousand Thank You’s

This is amazing. I am truly happy to hear this was made happen. You have filled my day with joy. A thousand thank you’s for this job well done. I will keep you in mind one I have any others in need.

A Waxahachie Client

I am so thankful to the The Texas Ramp Project. If it was not for them I would be stuck inside my home. They have allowed me to get out and go to the doctor and enjoy pretty days outside.

A Special Thank You From A Case Worker

THANK YOU so very much to you and volunteers that made this happen for our Medicare Advantage Member – a retiree of the TX School System. As you know, those that work in the TX School System give so much of their time, love, wisdom, and skills to the children of Texas. And now, as a retiree of the TX School System, an organization has extended a hand of love and labor to Mr. W.

The Texas Ramp Project has repeatedly played a key role in the success to gift our members the freedom to leave their home again: the ability to visit family and friends, attend religious services, or the simple ability to sit under a tree in their yard. Your generous support of your volunteer staff, donating groups, and corporate partners which provide funding, materials, and facilities allowing for your work...ALL have made a difference in the life of Mr. W.

There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your generosity. Thank you again for opening the world for Mr. W.






Texas Ramp Project