The Ramp Referral Process

If you are a social worker and/or healthcare professional…

Have a client who needs a ramp? You are in the right place. All you need to do is complete the online referral form** to start the process.

Priority is given to clients from Hospice facilities, dialysis patients, and those who are living alone and are unable to exit their home. Those three priority classes have a “button” at the bottom of the referral form. If you feel your client needs priority and he/she does not fit any of these three categories, please indicate so (and why) in any of the free-form text boxes. A common example is an acute patient about to discharge from a medical facility to the home – e.g. auto accident amputee living in a mobile home, etc.

Begin a Ramp Referral

** New Mexico Ramp Project referrals CLICK HERE!

If you are someone who needs a ramp…

We cannot take your referral directly.  We do not interact directly with potential clients. You will be MUCH better served if you ask your social worker or healthcare professional to make the referral to us using the link provided above, as he or she will already have a working relationship with us, and will already have established your physical and financial need.