Dallas County and Collin County Ramp Building Volunteers

If you are a Volunteer that has already signed up for a ramp build and require more details regarding your build in the Dallas County or Collin County area OR if you are in the Dallas County or Collin County area and are interested in volunteering your time to build wheelchair ramps for those in need in the Dallas or Collin County area, please click the Dallas Region button below.

Dallas Region

Ramp Building Volunteers

If you’d like to become involved in the building of ramps for our clients, either as an individual or a group, please contact us with a note of your interest to our email address, Volunteer@texasramps.org, or click the “Apply to be a Volunteer box” below to submit a the volunteer request form and we’ll make sure the right person/city/county receives your message.

Other Much-needed Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to the actual building, we have other important things that need to get done in order for us to achieve our objectives. If you would be interested in helping with activities such as administration, marketing, information technology, grant writing, etc., please send an email to: Volunteer@texasramps.org.