By Vania Patino. Updated: Dec. 10, 2020 at 9:03 PM CST

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – With over 100 projects in their backlog, the Panhandle Chapter of the Texas Ramp Project is asking for more hands to keep up with the demand.

The organization works across the state to build ramps for those who are disabled.

In a couple of days, they will have surpassed 100 miles of ramp since the program started back in 2007.

However, despite being set to reach that milestone, this year has also brought some setbacks.

The Director of the local chapter, Greg Hinders, says projects have slowed down due to COVID-19.

Some of the lager events where they would usually get over 40 volunteers were cancelled and some of the regular volunteers took a break for a couple weeks to social distance.

Now, they are asking for some extra hands as they try to clear the backlog and catch up to the growing demand.

“People need ramps, we are trying to make sure that no Texas resident has to leave their home because they can’t get in an out to get to the doctor or the store,” said Hinders.
But to do that, they need help.

“We have the seven teams building, but they can’t keep up,” said Hinders

Each team has about four to 10 individuals who focus on different areas of the Panhandle.

They build one to two ramps a month. Right now, because of the backlog, those who need them are having to wait longer to get them.
“We wish we didn’t have a waiting list, but that is where we are now,” said Hinders For people in a wheelchair, is it very difficult to get up and down the steps. You need to get several people usually to help somebody.”

That’s why the goal of this organization is to give these people independence.

Which is exactly what they have done since 2007. The 100 miles of ramp they are set to surpass is about 20,000 ramps, which translates to 20,000 individuals helped.

One of the volunteers in the Amarillo team says he has helped in countless community efforts through the lion’s club, but this one is special.
“We did one in Pampa last year, a gentlemen had just lost both legs to diabetes and he couldn’t get out of his house so he had someone carrying him,” said Henry Wyckoff, District Governor for the Lions Club of Texas Panhandle “So, he rolled out at the end and cried and we cried with him because it was the first time in years he had been out of the house without someone helping him.”

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