Texas Ramp Project and Home Depot team up to help disabled veterans


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Bryan Wendland, KENS
11:46 AM. CST November 12, 2016

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86-year-old Jean Whitt doesn’t need a wheelchair quite yet, but she can’t get around without the help of her two walking-canes.

So when a team of volunteers from the Texas Ramp Project and Home Depot told her she’d be getting a ramp to make it safer to get in and out of her home, she was shocked.

“It was a total surprise, now on Veterans Day of all things,” Whitt said.

Whitt was a camera technician in the Navy before becoming an Army nurse during the Vietnam War. She didn’t serve overseas, but treating the wounded at home affected her all the same.

“I saw a lot of people that came back injured, and that was quite traumatic,” she said.

Lori Borling was one of the volunteers building the ramp in Whitt’s front yard. Borling’s a Marine veteran, and she’s always wanted to give back to a fellow service woman.

“Meeting someone like that, that’s done 20 years in the military, it’s really special to meet a woman like that,” Borling said.

Almost everyone on the volunteer team was a veteran. So, not only will the ramp help Whitt get in and out of her home, it will be an everyday reminder that her fellow vets had her back during a time of need.

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