The non-profit organization, Texas Ramp Project, is trying to provide disabled individuals more freedom, by building them free ramps at their homes.

“She couldn’t get out and go outside. She couldn’t go shopping or do anything like that and be able to use her wheelchair,” said Kimberlie Smith, who’s mother received a ramp from the organization in 2008.

According to Smith, the organization aims to help individuals who may not have the finances to purchase their own ramp.

“A lot of them in wheelchairs or with mobility devices are on a fixed income and things like that, and are not covered by Medicaid, so they are at a loss,” said Smith.

Smith’s mother received her ramp within a week of registering for it, and Smith said it has changed her life for the better.

“When she is not sick, she is gone all the time. She goes to church, every church function. She goes shopping. My mom loves shopping. She’s always in and out of the house doing something,” she said.

Since 2006, 112 ramps have been constructed in Lubbock. Jeni Castillo, a volunteer with the organization said the Hub City needs more help so everyone can get a ramp, should they need one.

“I think they have probably over 100 people waiting for ramps right now,’ she said. “The thing is, if you are heading up a team, you are required to do eight ramps in a year. So if we only have one team and they are only getting eight ramps a year, and you still have hundreds after that, we really need to build a lot of teams here in town.”

To volunteer, no building skills are necessary. The organization will help lead the way.

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